Elena Parris




Elena Parris was born and raised in Lucerne. The artist works mainly in Grosswangen near Lucerne. Offside the most beautiful nature, she founded her «Kunsthof» studio and launched a «non-urban platform for artists»: the «nu gallery». 

Initially, Elena Parris was interested in drawing and architecture, but quickly discovered photography as her artistic medium. 

After an excursion into the study of architecture, she passionately devoted herself to photography. She studied visual arts at the UDK Berlin and worked at the side of various well-known photographers of various genres. For example in New York with June and Helmut Newton. 

She worked for magazines like «annabelle», «Massiv», «Amica», «Faces», did campaigns with model Marcus Schenkenberg and was hired at the Cannes Film Festival. 

As a freelance photographer, she increasingly withdrew from commercial photography and developed a weakness for new forms of expression. 

Elena Parris launched a politically and religiously daring poster campaign that was censored («the surprise collection»). 

Her latest work cycle is called «Vielschichtig / Multilayered»,a new kind of photography that delimits the conventional. 

Elena Parris has already had numerous exhibitions at home and abroad: from Berlin to Shanghai, from Tiflis to Zurich. 

Find more: www.elenaparris.com